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A Dramedy, A Parable, and A Dance Competition walk into a bar...

UR Here Theater is delighted to share our 2022 Series of Staged Readings and Shows.

We have a wonderful selection of female playwrights. Each with a unique view and story...

UR Here for theatre that your Grandma only wished she had!

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Audition Update!

May 30, 2022

Auditions for Dance Nation 

Theater Group

Audition Update!

May 3, 2022

Thank you to everyone that sent in an audition video for The Convent. We are thrilled to welcome you to our community!

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Drumroll please...

UR Here Theater's FIRST full production!

April 15, 2022


Written by Clare Barron

Directed by Ruth Griffin


Somewhere in America, an army of pre-teen, competitive dancers plots to unleash their POWER and take over the world. But in this unapologetically candid portrayal of the mysteries of adolescence, these young dancers have more than choreography on their minds. Each plié and jeté puts them one step further from childhood and one step closer to discovering their own identities, amidst a raucous pageant of ferocious ambition.

With all parts played by adult actors of various ages, this refreshingly unorthodox play conveys the joy and abandon of dancing, alongside the memories of growing up which live in the body and of the body.

Dance Nation addresses teen and sub-teen issues of sexuality, diet, ambition, suicide, pubescent reality testing, brutality of adolescence, ambition, and aging.

September 16-24 at CalArts Academy's Severance Building

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Our FOURTH and FINAL 222 Test Pilot Reading...

April 14th, 2022


Written by Stephanie Alison Walker

Directed by Alexis Elisa Macedo

You think you know your friends, your neighbors, your spouse, but what happens when you suddenly find out they have a garage full of guns? This new dark comedy explores the complicated issue of gun proliferation when two young liberal couples are forced to confront their assumptions about who should own a gun and why. Friends With Guns explores the question of what we can compartmentalize…and what we can’t. It examines what happens when guns enter the conversation.

Saturday, August 13th at The 2nd Space Theatre

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Our THIRD 222 Test Pilot Reading

April 13, 2022


Written by Jackie Sibblies Drury

Directed by Josh Slack

At the Frasier household, preparations for Grandma’s birthday party are underway. Beverly is holding on to her sanity by a thread to make sure this party is perfect, but her sister can’t be bothered to help, her husband doesn’t seem to listen, her brother is MIA, her daughter is a teenager, and maybe nothing is what it seems in the first place…! FAIRVIEW is a searing examination of families, drama, family dramas, and the insidiousness of white supremacy.

Saturday, July 9th at The 2nd Space Theatre

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Our SECOND 222 Test Pilot Reading...

April 12, 2022


Written by Jessica Dickey

Directed by Haley Wallace

A group of women go on a retreat to live like nuns in the Middle Ages and are baptized with '80s pop, female mysticism, hallucinogens and sex. The Convent is a toothy dark comedy about desire, devotion, and the mystery of intrinsic divinity. Where these women have gone wrong, says Mother Abbess, is they've all lived their lives following a certain "King." It's time to dethrone that King and become both the leader and follower of their own lives.

Saturday, June 11th at The 2nd Space Theatre

Fade- WEB.png

Our FIRST 222 Test Pilot Reading...

April 11, 2022


Written by Tanya Saracho

Directed by Gina Sandí Díaz

When Lucia, a Mexican-born novelist, gets her first TV writing job, she feels a bit out of place on the white male-dominated set. Lucia quickly becomes friends with the only other Latino around, a janitor named Abel. As Abel shares his stories with Lucia, similar plots begin to find their way into the TV scripts that Lucia writes. Fade is a play about class and race within the Latinx community, as well as at large, and how status does not change who you are at your core.

Saturday, May 14th at The 2nd Space Theatre

Theatrical Mask

UR Here's 2022 Series to be announced soon!

April 1, 2022

It's been a few months since we've last seen each other and have we missed you!

Just because we were away doesn't mean the UR Here team wasn't busy... we will be announcing our 2022 Series next week!

So we will start with a little tease here for you... Beginning in May, UR Here Theater will be returning to Good Company Players with our 222 Test Pilot series. 4 new staged readings in May, June July, and August!

And if that isn't enough- this September, UR Here will debut a new work to Fresno in our FIRST FULL PRODUCTION!

Stay close and check back with us for dates, audition information, and so much more!




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